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  • Priya M. Shimpi Driscoll

    Priya M. Shimpi Driscoll

    Professor of Education
    Holland Chair in Early Childhood Education
    Interim Associate Dean of Research and Partnerships

  • Kristina Faul

    Kristina L. Faul

    Professor of Geochemistry and Environmental Geology
    Rhoda Goldman Chair in Environmental Science

  • James Fei

    James C. Fei

    Luther Brusie Marchant Endowed Professor of Music

  • Tomás Galguera

    Tomás Galguera

    Professor of Education
    Unit Head of Education

  • Nalini Ghuman

    Nalini Ghuman

    Professor of Music

  • Jay Gupta

    Jay Gupta

    Professor of Philosophy

  • Mario Hernandez

    Mario R. Hernández

    Assistant Professor of Sociology
    Fletcher Jones Sociology Chair

  • Jonathan Iris-Wilbanks

    Jonathan A. Iris-Wilbanks

    Professor of the Practice

  • Susan Ito

    Susan K. Ito

    Assistant Teaching Professor
    Robert J. and Ann B. Wert Endowed Chair

  • Martha Johnson

    Martha C. Johnson

    Associate Professor of Political Science
    Kathryn P. Hannam Endowed Professor in American Studies

  • Erin Kinnally

    Erin Kinnally

    Associate Teaching Professor
    Letts–Villard Endowed Professor in Natural Sciences

  • Beth Kochly

    Beth D. Kochly

    Professor of Chemistry
    Dean of Mills College at Northeastern University

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