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Students wearing safety glasses with lab equipment at Northeastern University's Oakland campus


Creating leaders and change-makers

At Mills College at Northeastern, you’ll focus on 21st century problem-solving through academics and experiences that align with the careers and challenges of our times. Our full list of academic programs and course offerings is being developed with the thoughtful input of academic leadership, faculty, and students.

Learn about the Northeastern academic programs available for fall 2024 enrollment.

Student wearing sunglasses and voter buttons talks with another student on Suzanne Adams Plaza on Northeastern University's Oakland campus

Expanding opportunities for our students

Mills College at Northeastern carries forward Mills’ reputation as a leading liberal arts college, with expertise in equity, social justice, and women’s leadership, as well as longstanding ties with the Oakland community.

New academic programs

Building on Mills’ and Northeastern’s pedagogical strengths, we are creating academic programs designed to evolve with new modes of learning in an ever-changing world. Learn about the Northeastern academic programs available for fall 2024 enrollment.

Enhanced resources

If you study at Mills, you will now have access to the classes, faculty, research, and resources of Northeastern’s global university system of 13 campuses, 9 interdisciplinary research institutes, 280,000+ alumni, and 3,600+ employer partners.

Student research

Undergraduate students have the unique opportunity to work with faculty on research programs that enhance their learning and provide important professional opportunities.

Global experience

Through the integration of Mills’ community-engaged learning philosophy and Northeastern’s renowned global experiential learning program, you’ll gain access to valuable professional experience and the room to test new career paths. 

New co-curricular programming

Whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student, you can conduct impactful work at the the new Mills Institute—a hub for research and advocacy that engages students, researchers, and employers in driving real-world solutions.

Mills College at Northeastern is seeking initial institutional approval by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC). This approval would allow Mills College at Northeastern to sponsor educator preparation programs in California. We invite interested parties to submit comments to the CCTC at [email protected]. We request that comments address substantive matters related to the quality of professional education programs offered. Commenters must indicate their relationship to the institution (i.e., Northeastern University or Mills College alum, faculty, former faculty, educator, or employer). No identifying information will be gathered in the comments.

Mills College at Northeastern credential programs accreditation website, designed for California Commission on Teacher Credentialing accreditation activities.

Current Mills at Northeastern students

Students at Mills College prior to the merger were invited to transition to Northeastern at no additional cost. All existing financial aid commitments are being honored by Northeastern for these students, and they now have access to Northeastern’s breadth of experiential, lifelong learning, and student life opportunities.

Students walking on path through Holmgren Meadow near Mills Hall on the Oakland campus

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