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Rows of test tubes in a lab

Barrett Research Application

Applying to the program 

Students who are interested in applying to the Jill Barrett Undergraduate Research Program in Biology should begin by meeting with a potential faculty mentor to discuss their interest in the Program, and to learn about potential research projects.

Faculty mentors 

Below are the faculty mentors participating in the 2024 program:

Sarah Swope, Associate Professor of Biology 
Professional interests: How plants mediate interactions among pollinators, herbivores, and pathogens; geographic variation in demography; invasive plants as model systems for research; conservation of rare native plants
Lab website 

Jared Young, Professor of Biology
Professional interests: Genetics of learned behaviors in the nematode C. elegans

Application information 

Applications for the 2024 Program are due March 15, 2024.

Questions? Email Kathleen Parsons: [email protected] or Jared Young: [email protected]

Barrett Program Application Form (PDF)

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