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  • Sahar Abi-Hassan

    Sahar C. Abi-Hassan

    Assistant Professor of Political Science

  • Elmaz Abinader

    Elmaz Abinader

    Professor of English

  • Ashley C. Adams

    Associate Adjunct Professor of Public Policy
    Elinor Kilgore Snyder Endowed Professor

  • Maia Averett

    Maia C. Averett

    Professor of Mathematics

  • Elizabeth Bachen

    Elizabeth A. Bachen

    Professor of Psychology

  • Meryl Bailey

    Meryl F. Bailey

    Associate Professor of Art History
    Eugene E. Trefethen Jr. Chair in Art History

  • Natalee Kēhaulani Bauer

    Natalee Kehaulani Bauer

    Associate Adjunct Professor
    May Treat Morrison Endowed Professor

  • David Bernstein

    David Bernstein

    Professor of Music

  • Judith Bishop

    Judith L. Bishop

    Associate Professor of History and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
    Alice Andrews Quigley Chair in Women’s Studies

  • Jennifer Cassano

    Jennifer A. Cassano

    Associate Adjunct Professor of Chemistry
    Olga T. Scheffler Chair in the Sciences

  • Carlotta Caulfield

    Carlota Caulfield

    Professor of Spanish and Spanish American Studies

  • Christie Chung

    Christie Chung

    Professor of Psychology
    Interim Executive Director of the Mills Institute
    Associate Dean for Research, Scholarship, and Partnerships and Special Advisor on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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