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Sahar Abi-Hassan

Lokey School, Office 229

Sahar C. Abi-Hassan

Assistant Professor


PhD, Boston University

Professional interests

Judicial politics, law and courts, interest groups, network analysis


Abi-Hassan recently earned her PhD in Political Science from Boston University. She has taught courses on American politics, law and society, law and courts, and political methodology. Her research focuses on the behavior of Supreme Court justices, and the groups that lobby them. She recently finished her dissertation, which examines the influence that inter-group behavior and coalition formation have on judicial behavior. She currently has several papers under review in the Journal of Politics and the Journal of Political Analysis. Her broader interests include the behavior of U.S. political institutions, political analysis, and quantitative political methodology. In her research, she uses the tools of network analysis and maximum likelihood estimation.

Additional Information

Affiliated Colleges and Schools

College of Social Sciences and Humanities

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