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Amy Chu

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Rhoda Goldman Professorship in Environmental Science


BS, National Taiwan University
PhD, University of Illinois Urbana Champaign


Amy Chu is an inorganic chemist specializing in organometallic syntheses and catalysis. She earned a Bachelor of Science from the National Taiwan University in 2011 and a PhD from the University of Illinois in Urbana Champaign in 2016. Her graduate work focused on designing new catalysts containing environmentally friendly and earth-abundant metals. She conducted postdoctoral research at the University of Pennsylvania on the catalytic transformation of carbon dioxide. Chu is particularly passionate about research topics that address the climate challenges of current industrial processes. She leads a team of researchers that tackle these challenges by implementing the principles of green chemistry in the design of new synthetic methodologies. She is also a researcher at the Kleinman Center for Energy Policy, where she implements her expertise to formulate policy proposals that empower the climate-friendly transformation of the energy sector.

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