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  • James Fei

    James C. Fei

    Program Head of Art and Technology

  • Tomás Galguera

    Tomás Galguera

    Professor of Education
    Department Chair of Teacher Education

  • Nalini Ghuman

    Nalini Ghuman

    Professor of Music
    Luther Brusie Marchant Professor of Music

  • Jay Gupta

    Jay Gupta

    Professor of Philosophy
    Program Head of Global Humanities and Critical Thought
    Program Head of Philosophy
    Lorry I. Lokey Endowed Chair in Ethics

  • Mark Henderson

    Mark G. Henderson

    Professor of Public Policy
    Director of Public Policy Program
    James Irvine Professorship

  • Mario Hernandez

    Mario R. Hernandez

    Assistant Professor of Sociology
    Program Head of Sociology

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