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  • Lorien Rice

    Lorien A. Rice

    Professor of Economics
    Lynn T. White Jr. Endowed Professor

  • Kristen Saxton

    Kirsten T. Saxton

    Professor of English
    The Lorry I. Lokey Endowed Chair in Ethics

  • Marianne Sheldon

    Marianne B. Sheldon

    Professor of American History

  • Sheldon Smith

    Sheldon B. Smith

    Adjunct Professor of Dance
    Joan Danforth Endowed Professor in the Arts

  • Jeremy M. Sorgen

    Assistant Research Professor
    Provost Impact Fellow

  • Juliana Spahr

    Juliana M. Spahr

    Professor of English
    Unit Chair of Arts and Writing
    Frederick A. Rice Endowed Professor

  • Roger Sparks

    Roger W. Sparks

    Professor of Economics

  • Thomas Strychacz

    Thomas F. Strychacz

    Professor of English

  • Sarah Swope

    Sarah M. Swope

    Associate Professor of Biology

  • Victor Talmadge

    Victor J. Talmadge

    Professor of Practice
    Aurelia Henry Reinhardt Endowed Professor in American Literature

  • Carol Theokary

    Carol Theokary

    Associate Professor of Business

  • Truong Tran

    Truong D. Tran

    Adjunct Professor of English
    Carver Chair in Far Eastern Studies

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