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  • Kate Karniouchina

    Kate Karniouchina

    Professor of Business
    Dean of the Lokey School of Business and Public Policy
    Glenn and Ellen Voyles Endowed Professor in Business Education

  • Erin Kinnally

    Erin Kinnally

    Associate Adjunct Professor of Psychology
    Letts–Villard Endowed Professor in Natural Sciences

  • Beth Kochly

    Beth D. Kochly

    Professor of Chemistry
    Interim Dean for Mills College at Northeastern University

  • Darcelle Lahr

    Darcelle C. Lahr

    Professor of Business Practice
    John and Martha Davidson Endowed Professsor

  • Cliff Lee

    Cliff H. Lee

    Professor of Education

  • Kim Magowan

    Kim Magowan

    Adjunct Professor of English

  • Ajuan Mance

    Ajuan M. Mance

    Professor of Ethnic Studies and English

  • Brinda Mehta

    Brinda J. Mehta

    Professor of French and Francophone Studies and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
    Germaine Thompson Endowed Professor of French Studies

  • Sarah Miller

    Sarah M. Miller

    Associate Adjunct Professor of Art History

  • Dean M. Morier

    Professor of Psychology

  • Yulia Pinkusevich

    Yulia Pinkusevich

    Associate Professor of Studio Art

  • Patricia Powell

    Patricia E. Powell

    Professor of English

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